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Why Children Want Brands

Child Brands Since a few months, no question for your child to wear a jacket or a pair of sneakers that are not signed! How to react? The advice of our specialist, Valérie Boujon, a clinical psychologist. He loves brands, which disturbs? Your child. He feels frustrated when you deny him the latest trendy model… Read More »

Students Online Teachings

Parents Now Started Their Children Online Classes Is it Good Or Bad Idea Today, parents are so convinced that the French are bad in foreign languages ​​that they are ready to try anything to give the taste of languages ​​- especially English – to their child. Language workshops, apps or websites, English notebooks, language studies… Read More »

Top 10 Education Tips That Look Bad But Are Good

Top 10 Education Tips That Look Bad But Are Good What an incomparable pleasure to be a parent. This feeling of accomplishment, this desire to give life to a human being and to make him a person full of virtues. For all that, you have to know how to educate his pupil. So being childless… Read More »