iPhone 6 Review

By | June 16, 2019

In 2019, using an iPhone 6

Most contemporary energy smartphone users remain for a maximum period of about a year only with a smartphone. This makes sense because every year we are treated with fresh versions of our favorite smartphones. But most people don’t really do that. They would prefer to operate for more than a couple of years with the same machine. It’s not only economic, but it’s also convenient. I’m still using my 2015 iPhone 6 in 2019 personally.

Apple Slowing Down Older iPhones

Apple is presently in the midst of an enormous scandal, accused of slowing down older iPhones in the hopes of forcing owners to buy a fresh iPhone. Well, Apple claims that they only do this for older models to maintain the battery life of the phones. The business now has the choice of replacing the battery on its ancient iPhone at a decreased price for its clients.

My iPhone 6, 2 and 5, is still going solid. Just like my iPad mini, 4 and a half years old. Apple is known to produce enduring products. Apple puts a lot of effort into ensuring that after just a few years, their products will not become outdated.
So, does it make sense to go ahead with a cheap battery upgrade to an ancient phone that runs fresh software more than capable? A couple of years ago you likely would have paid a fortune for your iPhone. So why not spend a few more dollars in a battery now so you can keep using your iPhone for a couple more years? When you compare a refurbished iPhone with an iPhone X, there is a dramatic price difference.

These are some of the items I’m investigating in the following article. If you are going for more present up-to-date information, you can skip to the chapter called “The iPhone 6 in 2019.” What’s next is a short iPhone 6 story.

Power and Speed

Let’s just say the iPhone’s been graciously aging. All compatible applications and games on the device are still working completely well. It’s just the time it takes for applications to change and launch to make the experience a bit awkward. Instantly launch apps such as Twitter and Instagram on most contemporary smartphones. But my iPhone 6 is struggling here a little bit.

But once you’re in a Twitter app, you’re going to have zero problems. It’s going to be okay to browse the recent tweets and messages without any accidents. I can’t tell the same for an A7 chip iPad Mini 2. An iPad Mini 2 operating on iOS 11 will suffer a little more from assignments than an iPhone 6

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