Blackwidow Razer Review

By | June 13, 2019

What’s Blackwidow Razer (2019)?

 The 2019 edition of the Razer’s Blackwidow is an updated version of the long-standing flagship model of the manufacturer, and with such a well-known name attached, this fresh Blackwidow has much to live up to.

Coming in at a cool £ 120, the fresh and updated Blackwidow is caught right in the middle of the gaming peripheral market’s upper echelons, with competition from companies like Corsair, Coolermaster and others providing ample solutions. As such, under the weight of expectations, the fresh Razer Blackwidow comes.

Razer Blackwidow (2019)–Design & construct

The Razer Blackwidow introduces itself in a fairly normal way on the basis of first impressions. In contrast to the aluminum casing, it’s produced of a hard-textured plastic that other companies like Coolermaster offer–although some products offer a bare-bones skeletal structure, like Corsair. Even from Alienware AW768 a fake aluminum finish like that.

The lock lights are positioned under the key nav cluster (Insert, Home, Page Up / Down, Delete, End) and are quite tiny and less prominent than I would have preferred when juxtaposed with the backlighting of the Blackwidow’s brightness and colors. Maybe on the individual keys, as some other companies give, they would have been better combined with distinct colored backlights.

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